About Us

Customized Plans To Fit Your Needs...

We will analyze your current operations -from a safety and compliance standpoint and customize a solution plan for you that can easily and smoothly be integrated into your current business model.

Our solutions will make you stand-out from your competition. 

Our Approach is Creatively Different and Unique...

We can show you how -that with a solid safety and compliance program in place -you can add profits to your bottom line

We pride ourselves on our ability to "think outside the box" and find workable solutions to everyday trucking problems.

When you hear hoof beats -think zebras not horses.

Results You Want...

Our solutions will keep you compliant with the multitude of complex regulations that govern our industry.

Profits do not mean much if your paying out claims or constantly paying fines or facing a sub-satisfactory FMCSA safety rating.    We can help you retain your profits. 

When you partner with Assertic, we are more than just your "consultant"  -we become your partner and provide you with a customized safety and compliance program that reduces your safety and regulatory exposures.

With us, when you make a penny -you should keep two.

Solutions You Can Trust


We can efficiently handle all of your safety and compliance program needs regardless if its in the US, Canada, or Europe.

Industry Experienced

You will receive support from highly skilled and qualified people in all phases of trucking safety, compliance, and regulatory affairs


You can reduce your personnel costs and put money back into your bottom-line thru our Safety Outsource Program (S.O.P.)