Driver Qualification Files

The core of any safety program is the quality of driver you qualify to operate your equipment. 

We have the capability to provide you with a complete driver qualification file, that exceeds the minimum standards and gives you a clear resume of a drivers' past performance.

Our package includes your DOT compliant driver application; background checks on safety history performance; drug and alcohol testing performance history; MVR validation and scoring; a summary of roadside inspections from other companies with violations; and a CDLIS summary review of other held licenses by your driver.  

We can also assist you in setting up a totally electronic format and help you in transitioning into a completely paperless operation -saving you additional money and time. 

Our typical turn-around time from start to finish is about 72 hours. 

Vehicle / Equipment Files

Having the ability to track your equipment  and the maintenance its undergoing is key to ensuring your keeping only the safest equipment on the road and in your fleet. 

Our internal system is key to helping you track and manage your assets and knowing if a particular piece of equipment is costing more than it should. 

Hours of Service Auditing

Our service varies from our competitors because we don't just spit back a list of violations for you to interpret. 

We give you customized reports that are run thru our internally developed system to determine if your drivers are operating while fatigued. 

As you know, fatigued drivers are a leading cause of vehicle crashes.

Understanding this is why we developed our internal algorithms that use specific data points to better identify a driver who may be in need of an intervention, at the company level, before an accident  occurs. This is actually a predictive risk model we developed and trademarked years ago, known as Driver-Data on Accidents Compliance and Trucking Safety (D-DACTS) that we have now tweaked and tied into our driver fatigue management program.

D&A Program Management

Regardless if your localized, regional, or over-the-road operation -we have a partnership that can help you manage your drug and alcohol testing program on a national level. 

We have guaranteed pricing commitments so your costs are controlled on all tests.

We also have guaranteed pricing on driver physicals on a national level with over 6,000 certified and registered medical providers. 

We also have certified and qualified urine and breath alcohol technicians (BATs) who have tools and experience that will go out and perform your post-accident drug and alcohol tests in multiple areas throughout the Midwest and are established with several national call-out lists of providers.

We can also enable you to manage your entire drug and alcohol program online.

The only function, we can not provide to you, due to being prohibited by regulation, is acting as your designated employer representative (DER).  However, we have staff that can provide your appointed person with the required training.

We also have trained and qualified staff that can provide your fleet supervisors with the required Supervisory Training on Drug and Alcohol.    

Mock Compliance Audits

Have you ever wondered where your safety and compliance program stands? 

Have you ever wondered how your safety and compliance program would stand up if you have a serious accident? 

Well you do not need to worry any further.   Simply call and request a Mock Compliance Audit to be performed on your company.  

Our approach, is designed to find and highlight any deficiencies in your current program. 

Our mock compliance audits are conducted to the standards set forth in the FMCSA FOTM and to the standards used by the insurance industry.  

This is one of our most comprehensively detailed reports we provide to our clients.  Along with our findings we also provide you with realistic suggestions on how to remedy the discovered deficiencies. 

In many cases, we have found that the insurance carrier will pick up the tab for the cost of the audit, since it benefits them as well as the trucking company.

This is well worth the investment to see where your program is at and the direction it needs to go to improve. 

Safety Rating Improvement Plans

Let's face it - a conditional safety ratings will bring to your business increased turn-down on loads or increased questions and even worse -an unsatisfactory safety rating can bring locked doors and a "business closed" sign for your company. 

These ratings literally mean that FMCSA has determined, according to their minimum standards, "your safety management controls are inadequate to ensure compliance with the safety fitness standard".

Our first task is to understand what was discovered and what controls you have or had in place to control (or prevent) them from occurring. 

After we review and make those determinations, we will then draft and execute a safety rating improvement plan (Safety RIP).   We will monitor and generate data from that plan and provide statistical data to demonstrate to FMCSA, how you are in compliance with the safety fitness standards. 

Companies that are facing a proposed unsatisfactory safety rating get priority on the safety rating reviews -by regulation.   

We have the experience to get the documents prepared and submitted in a timely manner so your rating upgrade is not unnecessarily delayed.