Compliance Solutions

We provide a full range of services, from Driver Qualifications, Drug & Alcohol,  Vehicle / Equipment Files -they will always be current and up to date. 

We also provide CSA Management Program solutions to keep your profile current and reflecting your true roadside performance. 

Partnering with us, allows you to fully leverage our established strategic partnerships to your advantage. 

Expert Services

Nobody wants to be involved in a truck related crash.   But these events do occur and when they do  -you want a solid reputable partner on your side who can explain your safety program

We have reviewed and written expert opinions of legal cases for both sides of case -defense and plaintiff.   We have never written a expert report for a loosing side in any case. 


We also can assist you in drafting and submitting a Safety Management Plan to FMCSA to help you get your "Satisfactory" safety rating restored

The "Satisfactory" safety rating is extremely important tool that can benefit you tremendously. 

Outsourced Safety Management

For our clients who are better at moving freight than completing the tedious administrative burden of file maintenance and upkeep -we offer a complete safety - compliance outsource solution to meet your needs. 

We can act as your in-house Safety and Compliance Team and handle all the functions of your Safety Department -for a fraction of the cost to you to hire and train someone in-house.

Let's partner together doing what we each do best  -you move the freight and we will handle your safety and compliance program management .