Safety rating improvement plans

Rating Improvement Plans

Having written hundreds of Corrective Action Plans and Safety Management Plans for clients -we have the experience necessary to put a discuss your options and provide you with workable solutions and draft a plan that will be accepted by FMCSA  to restore your safety rating to "satisfactory". 

Our team former safety investigators and division administrators know how to put forth a compelling argument in support of your safety rating upgrade request.

We will submit the required documents to FMCSA on your behalf and then continue to follow-up and the CAP / SMP works it way thru the system

We also have a strategic partnership with a well-known and respected law firm who we can refer your case to in case we need to pursue a legal course of action to restore your safety rating. 

In all of our years of preparing SMPs or CAPs, we have only used our law firm partners twice.   But it does provide peace of mind to our clients to know we have this partnership -even if its not used. 

Notice of Claim Negotations

We will negotiate and provide documents to refute and reduce any claim that made against your company by government agencies. 

We have the experience necessary to provide you with the required guidance and resources if you have a pending enforcement action, civil forfeiture, or you receive less than a "Satisfactory" safety rating. 

We have found that alot of clients believe they should either pay a fine or enter into a consent agreement.  This simply is not the case in all situations. 

Give us the opportunity to put our experience to work for you and find a more effective resolution when government regulators impose fines and penalties on your business.

On-Site Audit Management

Our experienced team of professionals have learned over the years, that a majority of FMCSA/USDOT compliance reviews there are numerous violations cited by investigators, which could of been eliminated if their was a better understanding of your evaluation criteria.

We can evaluate your FMCSA/USDOT compliance audit prior to a rating taking effect to ensure the violations cited are valid.   

We can also provide a knowledgeable professional to be onsite to interact on your behalf with the investigator during the FMCSA/USDOT compliance audit -to further minimize the impact on your business operations. 

Our team has a proven track record of having entire FMCSA / USDOT compliance audits completely invalidated -even before a rating downgrade takes effect.

Time is of the essence in these cases -so you should contact us immediately to begin discussions and evaluations.