Our Principal Consultant


Shawn has actively worked in the trucking industry continually for the last 23 years.  Shawn has built a solid reputation and developed a proven track record of success in the Safety and Compliance management sector of the trucking industry.   

Working for small family-owned trucking companies to the larger corporate equity-owned trucking giants  -Shawn has proven industry experience and knowledge that he can put to work for you. 

Shawn has an impeccable reputation and is well respected throughout his entire network of contacts. He has a reputation you can leverage. 

During his career, he has developed some of the most recognized and enduring safety programs in our industry. Shawn has made his mark on the Safety aspect of trucking. 


In our industry "its either adapt or get out" when it comes to safety and training. 

Shawn has decades of experience in training and continuing educational courses accredited to his background and he stays current and up to date on emerging trends and best industry practices.  

Shawn holds instructor certifications in drug and alcohol supervisory training; urine collections; and is a certified breath alcohol technician (BAT) instructor. 

He also has an extensive working knowledge of the FMCSA regulations -having earned two Master Certificates from the USDOT Transportation Safety Institute.  

Outside Work

Shawn also has be called upon and has worked as an Expert Witness in multiple legal proceedings involving trucking companies -large and small. 

He has gained valuable experience by working both perspectives of a case involving trucking -regardless if it was a plaintiff and defendant who called.    

His Expert Witness reports are considered to be so compelling that all of the cases he has worked, to date, have settled prior to any trial actually beginning -and all in favor of whom he was retained by and working on behalf of.

Achievements Awards and Recognitions

Shawn has developed and designed some of the most comprehensively sound and nationally recognized safety programs that produce results: 

He is, currently, the first & only recipient of the prestigious American Trucking Association  President's Trophy to be earned by an Illinois based motor carrier, in the 65+ year history of that award.

In addition, safety programs he has developed and designed have earned the following recognition:

American Trucking Association: Highway Safety:  22 awards

American Trucking Association: Industrial Safety:  21 awards

Great West Casualty Platinum Awards for Safety:  7 Awards (+2 Gold Award)

Colorado Motor Carrier Association: 2 Awards (+2 drivers selected as Driver of Month)

Illinois Trucking Association:  3 Awards

National Safety Council:  3 Awards (+11 drivers selected as regional drivers of the year) 

Our Focus...

Our primary focus will be finding affordable and workable solutions to your everyday safety and compliance problems that will work for you and your business. 

Having a strong industry background, we understand our industry is literally built on pennies and we understand the impact a strong safety and compliance program can have on the bottom-line of any trucking company.