Insurance - risk management solutions

Our Experience

We have years of proven industry experience managing safety and risk programs. 

We know and understand the unique exposures that trucking companies face and how to control those losses.

Our professionals can work with you in helping you take a more active role in managing and improving your losses, reducing your exposures, and eventually reducing your premiums.

Insurance and Underwriters

All insurance companies, thru their underwriters, have a "cost in mind", when they quote a policy. That cost in mind also translates into a certain profit margin. If the insurance company thinks its going to incur significant losses, they simply raise the premium to off-set the anticipated loss ratio. 

We understand and get that concept and we know how to manage that speculated risk model.   

An insurance company will review your loss experiences, your type of operations, safety scores and ratings, and your operating locations as primary rating factors.

Underwriters, have a range of discretion to reduce your rates when they have a greater comfort level and better understanding of how your company is operated. 

You need to "tell your story" and leverage "your assets" to lower your rates.   Our strategic partners are great story tellers and understand how to leverage every asset to your advantage. 

After we ensure and document, you are doing the right things to ensure compliance and can show you are owning your losses -we ensure the underwriter is fully aware of these changes.

Some of the steps we take include:

  1. we fully explain the benefit of your outsourcing your safety program;
  2. we explain how you are improving the quality of driver you are qualifying; 
  3. we explain every improvement to your safety culture and the improvements to your CSA profile; 
  4. we explain how these changes are helping to increase your safety focused organization;
  5. we will analyze your loss trends to see if you have the ability to "increase your skin in the game".

What We Do For Your Program

Working with our strategic partners, we pride ourselves on "thinking outside the box" to find you affordable solutions to everyday trucking related problems. 

Working with our strategic partners, we can get very creative in finding the right solution for you. 

We help you own your risk  -because once you own it  -then you can manage it and when you manage it -you can control it. 

Our Strategic Partners

Using our strategic partnerships, in the insurance arena, allows us to work to help you obtain the best coverage including: 

  • Liability (general and auto)
  • Physical Damage
  • Non-Trucking Liability (aka "bobtail")
  • Cargo
  • Worker Compensation / OccAcc
  • Contingent Liability Coverage
  • Independent Contractor Programs
  • Umbrella (Excess) Coverage