With more vehicles on the roads, highways, and interstates  -it is inevitable that eventually a crash will occur. 

Just because a CMV is involved does not necessarily mean the CMV caused the crash.  Involvement does not mean causation.  

We take the time to analyze the facts of an accident and coordinate the work with our Crash Re-Constructionist to help you better understand the basics 

  • how it happened
  • why it happened
  • what factors contributed
  • what needs to be done to prevent a reoccurrence

If you are experiencing a large number of accidents, give us a call and let our expertise in the trucking safety arena analyze your accident data and develop an accident reduction and counter-measure program for your company. 


We have a network of experienced professionals who work with us and provide on-scene accident assessments. 

We have a team of retired crash / accident re-constructionist, who are all certified thru ACTAR that can re-construct and accident or crash scene based on their  assessments.

We do not believe that an accident investigation should be left to only law enforcement.

Our experience has shown that often times, a critical or seemingly insignificant items are overlooked or not noticed that can have a significant bearing or showing of how an accident occurred. 

Let our network of professionals protect your interests.   


When an accident occurs involving  commercial motor vehicle (CMV)-your company is immediately placed under the microscope. 

Your whole safety and compliance program is now subject to intense scrutiny and you will be painted as a villain -regardless if you did anything wrong or not. 

You need an industry expert on your side, with the necessary experience and credentials in the areas of enforcement, vehicle inspections, safety and compliance program management, fleet operations, hazardous materials, driver training, hours of service, and driver qualifications.  

Our experts, with proven track records, will take the time to understand the situation and will provide you with valuable insight and guidance that can best support your case.

We also work with attorneys and insurance companies providing expert witness services.